Remotiselifestyle was started in 2018 as a simple blog used to document all the different ways to live a remote life, working from home and making money online.

Since then, Remotelifestyle has grown to be a site that is focused on helping others find the right side hustle, so that they can be financially independant and have a more meaningful life.

Our team of passionate writers create helpful guides to teach people how to get started on their side hustle

My name is Jeremy Chen. I quit my corporate enslaving job in 2017 and was stuck. I didn’t know what I wanted to do, but it was definitely get away from my miserable job.

However, this seemed like a huge undertaking and for years and years, I did nothing except think about it.

And I wish there was like this that could help me move ahead in my career.

Please take time to read my blog posts and understand what I’m all about 🙂